Kodak Photo Gallery

Kodak Gallery has been moved. It was launched in 1999, and it was one of the most innovative web sites of it’s times. Users were allowed to upload, and share their digital photos. After Kodak disrepair website was acquired by Shutterfly. The main service – photo storage was free but only for 3 months, after that period photos were deleted from Kodak servers, there was a way to avoid that – to purchase something on site, such activity prolonged the storage for next 12 months.

Kodak Recovered

In January 2012 Kodak was most likely going to decay. Company filed the bankruptcy protection program which triggered massive changes. Company cut down legacy costs – starting getting rid of huge burden of health care program for retirees and ending on shutting down unprofitable services (i.e. by closing Kodak Photo Gallery). Antonio Perez – CEO of Kodak – said that he is taking full responsibility of the transformations which are tough but unenvitable